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About Us

Shoebox Ministry Vision:
The vision of the Shoebox Ministry is to provide shoeboxes to every individual resident in every facility in every county and state in the United States of America.

Shoebox Ministry Values:
The Shoebox Ministry values the lives of the elderly and disabled and believe that they are the jewels of society.

Shoebox Ministry Mission:
The mission of the Shoebox Ministry is to provide as many shoeboxes with personal need items for our most fragile and vulnerable members of society.

We are Lifeline of Winston-Salem Shoebox Ministry. We collect basic tolietry products for residents in assisted living and nursing home facilities.   In 2008, the Shoebox Ministry project began with the intent of providing for one facility in the area. We were able to provide for 95 residents in one facility.   In 2009 and 2010, the Shoebox Ministry project provided for 150 residents in two assisted living facilities.

In 2011, the Shoebox Ministry project formed a partnership with Lifeline of Winston-Salem and focused on doing more because the need was so great. In 2011, we served 627 residents in a total of seven facilities across three counties!
What a surprising success!

In 2012, our focus continues to be the same, while our desire to do more continues to increase and our goal is 1,500 boxes.

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