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Concern Always Requires Engagement

                                                           How Can You Help
We are extremely grateful for any and all gifts to this ministry.  We always desire to get better as we impact the lives of these fragile individuals and to provide love in a box.  With this stated, we welcome all ideas that you may have.  We, also, welcome organizations and individuals to become involved in the distribution process.  Below are ways you can help...

Collect Items Monthly
    Involve your church, neighbors, and friends.  A list of items may be found on our Product List page.

Make a One Time Monetary Donation
    We collect year round. Every donation counts!

Become a Sponsor
    You or your organization can sponsor a resident or a facility. Let us know on the Contact Us page.

Donate Supplies
    You may, also, provide items not on the product list such as wrapping paper, tape, and ziploc bags (snack and gallon
     sizes).  You may deliver or ship these items to: Lifeline of Winston-Salem, 3894 Northampton Dr., Winston-Salem, NC

Commitment of Volunteer Time
    Volunteers are always welcome! We need help with collecting, wrapping boxes, packing and distributing.  Your hands can
     help someone who cannot help themselves.

Connect Us With Other Organziations
    Do you know other organizations or churches that would love to get involved? If so, connect us. The reward is more rich 
    than can be described. We are a 501(c)(3); therefore, donations are tax deductible.  We can provide receipts via email for
    the business's records.

                                                           Will you help us make a difference?

We desire to make a difference in the lives of those who are in need. These are individuals who now are in a position of need from society and the community. A lot of these residents have contributed to the community and are now in need of assistance. Many of us are connected to sources and resources that will help us with our mission in providing for those who truly have a need.

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