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Frequently Asked Questions regarding making charitable contributions in North Carolina

FAQs about Lifeline Shoebox
Q. What is the mission of the shoebox ministry?

           A. To show love at Christmas time to our most fragile and vulnerable members of society.

Q: Who do you serve?
           A. We serve residents of nursing and rest home facilities.

Q.  How do you pick who you serve? And where?

           A. Basically, from need and places resources originate; therefore, donations provide the direction of the 

Q.  What are your standards for choosing a facility?

          A. No particular standard other than the need exists.  We will serve all residents in a facility or none. This is 
             our rule so that no resident is overlooked.

Q.  Do you accept monetary donations?

           A. Yes.  We accept and appreciate them.  We are constantly trying to stretch any money received. We realize,
               as God's word says, we have an obligation to be a good steward over all that comes in our hands.

Q.  How much does one shoebox cost?

           A. The raw cost of a shoebox is $15.00.  This cost does not include transportation, delivery or other

Q. What should I put in my shoebox?

           A. A list of the items and sizes are on the Product List page of this site.

Q.  Is there a size requirement or limit for the products per the list?

           A. We welcome all sized products, but our preference is full sized items because the residents will be able
               to use them longer.  We do accept trial size items as well. Those donations are given to homeless

Q. If I purchase items, do I have to use a shoebox to deliver them?

           A. No. You may drop the items off and they will be packed and  wrapped for you.

Q. Can I wrap my shoebox?

           A. Yes. As a reminder, all boxes must be wrapped separately top (lid) and bottom. The standard size box we
               use is 12.5" x 10 in width and 4.33" in depth.

Q. Where should I take my finished shoebox?

           A. We have local drop off sites. You may also send them to:

                     Lifeline of Winston-Salem
                    Shoebox Ministry
                     3894 Northampton Dr. 
                     Winston-Salem, NC 27105

Q. This project sounds great! How do I get my school/organization involved?

           A. We welcome all schools and organizations.  It is a wonderful project!  Please email us to discuss further
               details.  Please, also, include your area code and number for a return call.

Q.  Are there forms available for tax write-offs for corporate and individual donations?
          A. For all donations made online a confirmation of donation will be sent to you for your records.

Q. The website provided great basic information; however, can someone come and make a
     presentation to our facility, organization, or group?

          A. It is quite possible depending on the location and time.  Please email or call 
              (336) 725-1712.

Q.  When does the process for collecting and wrapping the boxes begin?

           A. This is an ongoing project.  It never stops - simply because the need is so great!

Q.  Can my organization distribute the boxes? If so, how?
           A. Yes. Logistics must be handled.  A calendar will be made available of our facilities and dates of
              distribution. To discuss arrangements, please email us at

Q.  When is the deadline for the shoebox project?

           A. Our deadline of the 2012 project is December 20th. We are accepting items as early as possible.  The 
               sooner we receive the boxes, the easier the delivery process becomes.  We accept donations all year 
               long.  You may make the donation online or by mail to our address: 
                       Lifeline of Winston-Salem
                       Shoebox Ministry
                       3894 Northampton Dr.
                       Winston-Salem, NC 27105

Q.  Where will my shoebox be delivered?

           A. Currently, our shoebox destinations are in North Carolina.  A posting of the total number of facilities and
               residents that were served this year will be available shortly after Christmas.

Q. If my facility has been selected for a Christmas give away by another program. Can I still 
     request the Shoebox Ministry to come to our facility?

           A. Yes, as long as there is no duplication of the products given to residents.  To view products, please visit
               the Product List page on this site.

Q.  Who should I contact for additional inquiries regarding this project?
          A. The contact person is Wanda Reid; email: Please email and include
               your area code and phone number for further discussion.

   If you do not see the answer to your specific question above, please email your inquiry to us:

Lifeline of Winston-Salem Shoebox Ministry
P.O. BOX 21584
Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27120
(336) 546-7015

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