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 A Special Thanks To You...

Lifeline Shoebox would like to take this opportunity once again to say Thank You…
Thank you to all of the wonderful donors and contributors who support our cause.
The cause to let our most vulnerable members of society know that they are not forgotten…Although we currently provide shoeboxes once a year the need is still great. We continue to try to expand our reach.  As donors and contributors you understand that the need is vital. This is a program supported by you and is more than personal need items in a box at Christmas time. It is a box of love. This is a 501c3 organization that relies solely on   donations and volunteer support to impact the residents that are residing in these facilities.  As we continue moving towards our vision it is evident that the vision cannot be reached without you.

I am always deeply humbled by the many caring individuals, organizations, churches, businesses and schools that support our cause.  I am equally rewarded when we distribute the many boxes to individuals who are so appreciative. Although it may seem like a small gesture it is a great gesture to the residents.

So once again I say thank you for all of your support…..


Wanda Reid

Lifeline Shoebox Coordinator  

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